Toshinori Kondo

Homage to Toshinori Kondo

Some call it noise. I call it beautiful.

Next time you hear a piece of music you think is noise or view a painting you think is ugly, ask yourself “Why do I think this is not beautiful?” If you think about it long enough, you will soon realize there is no reason.

Recorded on a 1/4-inch Tascam 4-track in 1987.

“Kondo” from Trolling for Olives by Wax. Released: 1987.
Wax: All trumpets, bass, drum and synth programming.


Walk in Gratitude and Be Happy

Gratitude Redo

I stood in front of about 60 people, all off whom were, in one way or another, affected by Parkinson’s disease—a chronic, progressive neurological disorder for which there is no cure—and said that Parkinson’s disease (PD) can be a great teacher and friend. It got  awkward.

I realize now that not everyone is ready to hear that. And that is OK. PD sucks. Cancer sucks. Alzheimer’s suck’s.  Illness Sucks. We all have our unique way of  coping when life delivers it’s blows. There is no right way or wrong way. But until there is a cure for our suffering, we have no choice but to embrace reality-as-it-is and live life to the fullest.

So, if you were at my talk and wanted to slap me upside the head, I don’t blame you. But I invite you to read on as I try to make the case for living well, today, with PD, or any illness. Or complete health—because sometimes it’s you healthy, charmed life livers who really.need the slap upside the head! Continue reading

When You Are Grateful You are Happy

a gift is something given freely, that is to say
it is not earned or bought or brought about in any way
a gift is also something of value; something to value

every moment is a given moment
every moment is a gift, given freely
it is not earned or bought, or brought about in any way

there is no way of assuring that you will be given another moment
awareness that this moment could be the last moment given
makes another moment the most valuable gift that could ever be given

this moment, with all the opportunity that it contains, is such a gift
if we didn’t have this present moment
we would not have the opportunity to do anything; to experience anything

every moment is a gift given freely over and over and over again
if you miss the opportunity of this moment
another moment is given to us, freely

the real gift within this gift of this moment
is the opportunity to do something with it
and the great thing is, this gift is given freely
each and every moment

when you realize this you walk in gratitude
grateful for each moment
when you’re grateful you are not fearful
when you’re grateful you come from a place of enough
when you’re grateful you can enjoy the difference between people
when you are grateful you are happy

so you see
happiness does not make you grateful
it is gratefulness that makes you happy

stop, look, listen…Go!

enjoy each moment!

Annie Weatherwax Debut Novel

My sister, Annie Weatherwax will present her her debut novel, All We Had, at the Strand Bookstore on Thursday, August 7,  7:00PM 8:00PM

annie weatherwax - All We Had

All We Had – Annie Weatherwax

All We Had tells the story of the hardscrabble life of thirteen-year-old Ruthie and her mother, Rita. Ruthie and Rita have never had a stable life, but after many ups and down they have carved out a space for themselves the small town of Fat River. But even as Ruthie hopes that their life has finally gotten back on track, it takes another frightening turn. All We Had has been praised as a “strong, quiet and powerful look at the human heart,” by Kate Alcott.