Poets for Parkinson’s: Over $8k Raised!

pfp-fox logoThanks to your generous support, the second annual  Poets for Parkinson’s event  was a big success raising over eight-thousand dollars; $8,315.00 to be exact.  What’s more, we did it with poetry. Who would have thunk? Thank you for your support. YOU have made a difference in the search for a cure for Parkinson’s disease.

If you could not join us at the event, there is still time to make a difference. As we close the books on another year, we’d like to finish strong, Help us reach our new year-end goal and we’ll help you with you Holiday shopping.

DONATE NOW and knock someone off your holiday gift list. Here’s how:

From now through the end of the year you can make a donation and get a book. Let’s see if we can break $10k Here’s the deal:

Make a donation of $50 and receive a signed paperback copy of Renegade Pinky (only 10 available) DONATE NOW >>

Make a donation of $100 and receive a signed hardcover copy of Renegade Pinky (only 5 available) DONATE NOW >>

Make a Donation of $250 or more and receive a copy of Life in Balance (only 2 available) DONATE NOW >>

renegade-pinkyRenegade Pinky Poetry and Prose
“With Renegade Pinky Andy Weatherwax takes us on an honest and intimate journey from the pain and isolation that accompanied his diagnosis with early-onset Parkinson’s disease to, the profound understanding of his illness as a gift.”

Life in Balance
Life in Balance a photo essay of balanced rock work by Andy Weatherwax.  The sculptures are symbolic of the delicate and tenuous balance of life, the beauty of natures order, and the discipline required to achieve inner balance. They are also representative of his own struggles with physical immobility and balance brought about by illness.

Give what you can! Every dollar counts.

Thanks again for your support!

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