When You Are Grateful You are Happy

a gift is something given freely, that is to say
it is not earned or bought or brought about in any way
a gift is also something of value; something to value

every moment is a given moment
every moment is a gift, given freely
it is not earned or bought, or brought about in any way

there is no way of assuring that you will be given another moment
awareness that this moment could be the last moment given
makes another moment the most valuable gift that could ever be given

this moment, with all the opportunity that it contains, is such a gift
if we didn’t have this present moment
we would not have the opportunity to do anything; to experience anything

every moment is a gift given freely over and over and over again
if you miss the opportunity of this moment
another moment is given to us, freely

the real gift within this gift of this moment
is the opportunity to do something with it
and the great thing is, this gift is given freely
each and every moment

when you realize this you walk in gratitude
grateful for each moment
when you’re grateful you are not fearful
when you’re grateful you come from a place of enough
when you’re grateful you can enjoy the difference between people
when you are grateful you are happy

so you see
happiness does not make you grateful
it is gratefulness that makes you happy

stop, look, listen…Go!

enjoy each moment!

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