Praise for “Renegade Pinky”

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renegade-pinky“It is the voice in these poems that stays with you. Amused, angry, sad, and persistently ironic. It is a voice I want to hear again.”
~ Robert B. Parker, New York Times Best Selling Author

How does the brain change suffering into art? As a neuroscientist, I can’t say, but as a reader, I can report that it has happened. Andy Weatherwax, a polymath who has also produced musical and visual art, here brings his intense appreciation of the sensory world to the experience of illness. The result is transformative.
~ Alice Flaherty, MD, PhD, Director, Movement Disorders, Mass. General Hospital Author of The Midnight Disease: The Drive to Write, Writer’s Block, and the Creative Brain

“These poems reveal a depth of human spirit the reader will find to be a source of healing.  Andy Weatherwax embraces his Parkinson’s disease as a gift that allows him to love in new ways, to see with new vision, and to live with a sacred purpose.  We see in his verse that he refuses to allow the Parkinson’s to define him.  Each poem bears witness to the quality of life one discovers when one moves beyond fear.  Laced with the language of joy, this collection of Andy’s work inspires us to live fully into each moment.  Wisdom begins when we let ourselves be awed by the Creator.  Andy is a wise human being.”
~ Rev. Richard C. Allen, Senior Minister, The Congregational Church in South Glastonbury, CT, United Church of Christ

“An honest, humorous, and at times, even lyrical, expression of the fragility and resilience of human life unfolding against the background of a greater compassion.”
~ Mark T. Unno, PhD Shin Buddhist priest and scholar, Author of Shingon Refractions: Myoe and the Mantra of Light

“The individual poems in Renegade Pinky are extraordinary.  As a collection, the impact is breathtaking.  These poems are informed by pain, uncertainty and loss; but even as we are brought to profound intimacy with these things, we as well accompany a poet possessing great good humor, an ironic take on life and exquisite sensitivity to the revelations of nature, music, love and everyday realities.  Falling into a gutter, giving vent to anger, letting the words of Billie Holiday speak to him, turning the menace of a subway bully into kinship: such things mark Andy Weatherwax’s days, and we emerge from our time with him aspiring to the deeper, broader, more creative and peace-filled ways of being human that infuse his life.  I dare you to read these poems and not be changed.”

~ Alexandrina Sergio
, Author of My Daughter is Drummer in a Rock ‘n Roll Band

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