Bermuda to Groton: Day 6


1:15 pm
18 hrs. of sailing in 30 knots, gusting higher – 20 ft. seas. From 5:00 yesterday to 11:30 today. Finally got out of that low. We had to head west for 18 hours before turning north to the Gulf Stream – 40 miles away. We didn’t sleep at all. . . too rough. Shifts were just one hour. The heavy weather is taking a toll on the boat. Shit is everywhere. Busted a running back stay. Had one of the solar panels come loose, broke a stanchion on port side, auto helm is broken and the wind vane is broken. Took many waves – the cabin is wet. Everything is wet. Barometer at 1010 – lowest Jay’s seen it. Nasty weather. Last night we thought the low was well above, but not the case. The edge of the low, which took 4-5 hours to clear was the worst. I never thought we would get through it. We would set the egg timer one hour up and one hour down. In the cockpit the hour took forever to pass. Nerve racking sail – noisy, bumpy, wet, dark. The hour in the bunk was intense – a dream laden heavy deep sleep that passed in an instant.

Jury rigging the wounded boat was intense. Jay did most of the deck work – I managed the tools and helm.
Almost time to check with Herb – see what our Gulf Stream crossing and next couple of days look like.


Herb says we have a good couple of days ahead. We’re just about to the GS.

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